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We envision a photo gallery installation which incorporates the photos with the physical artifacts from the shoot itself.  Each of the seven scenes would be complimented by a quote which speaks, in non-specific terms, to the theme of the particular scene. Props, (i.e. the ‘launch’ button, hanging pills) would also be placed in the gallery space.  In addition to various props, mannequins would adorn the costumes of each of the seven scenes.  By incorporating the props and costumes we feel the surreal look and feel of the photos can be authenticated by allowing people to physically observe the unique aspects of the photographs first hand.
Due to the numerous political topics addressed by the photo series, we feel the exhibition would best be displayed during early Fall—coinciding with the 2008 general elections.  The series would be a limited edition run with individually numbered prints measuring approximately 50in x 40in.



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